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My Wedding Magazine

MY WEDDING – the magazine that’s for and all about tying the knot in New Zealand.

Each issue contains information and profiles that relate specifically to products and services available to Kiwi couples, or those offshore couples looking to tie the knot in Godzone, as we love to refer to New Zealand!

Amongst our glamorous pages you’ll find:
Real Wedding stories as told by the bride or groom
Company profiles on wedding industry professionals
Tons of new product information and the latest trends
Dresses and shoes and jewels to drool over
The best in venue selection and romantic honeymoon suggestions
… there’s always quite a bit for the MEN too … and MORE … much, much MORE!

We look forward to helping you plan your very special day and to perhaps featuring your story.

With love and best wishes for your future happiness as a married couple

Gayle Dickson