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Ethical Living

Ethical Living Ethical Living is a unique new magazine aimed at the engaged and caring South African consumer. As ethical decisions are becoming increasingly more important to consumers, their purchasing decisions are becoming more influenced by issues such as climate change, Fairtrade, animal welfare and good governance.   


Inside this issue:


Pulling a sweet tooth

Our buyers’ guide on chocolate in the month of love. From GM to animal byproducts and from the slaughtering of the orangutan to child labour, make sure the love of your life gets the most ethical drops of delight this Valentine’s Day.


The Colonel’s last stand

It appears, if the evidence is to be believed, that Moammar Gadhafi’s public image was intentionally tarnished throughout his reign and that the Nato invasion of Libya was orchestrated to ensure regime change. If this is true, Gadhafi’s execution was sanctioned murder in full view of billions. We investigate.


GM – Perversion of nature or saviour of millions?

Dr Chris Viljoen, an expert on genetically engineered foods and products, and the science itself, gives readers an overview of what genetic modification is, what it does, how it can be good and how it can be bad. Everything you need to know about the “dreaded” GM.


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